How it works

We are an on-demand team training facility.  Simply schedule the time you would like to reserve our facility by calling 405-578-4795.  We will send you a payment request trhough Paypal just pay the Paypal request and we will add you to the schedule then show-up at the facility a few mintues early and text us at 405-226-3067 and we will remotely unlock the door for you.  

Inside you will find everything you need to run an efficient indoor practice for either softball or baseball.  Our facility has Jugs pitching machines setup for baseball and softball.  Additionally, there are several tees and Jugs machine baseballs and softballs as well as baseball and softball wiffle balls. 

When your time is up just leave the facility how you found it and close the door.  The door will lock behind you and the lights will turn off automatically for you.

Girl in batting cage