About us

We have exciting news due to the success of our first indoor practice facility we are opening a second location in Moore which will be even bigger than our first location.  Our new location is located at 605 Messenger Lane in Moore.  


The new location is over 7,000 sq ft and features four 70 foot cages.  There are also four four 10 foot field screens which can be used to create eight 35 foot cages.  There is an area for softball and

teework as well as pitching.  The cages can be pulled back and you have enough room to take infield.  


You can also pull two of the cages back and have group working on hitting and the rest of the team working on defensive drills.  Our new location also features a climate controlled lobby for the parents with a large window so they can watch practice.  

We still have our original location located at 2405 Regency Place in Moore.  Our oringinal indoor team training facility is 3,000 square feet and has three 60 foot batting cages with Jugs pitching machines for both baseball and softball.  The nets dividing the three cages can be retracted providing a 36x60 turf area that teams can use to work on defense and throwing.  

Both of our team training facility is fully equiped with everything you need to run an efficient team baseball or softball practice.  Each facility has a Jugs baseball pitching machine and a Jugs softball pitching machine.  Additionally, there are Jugs machine baseballs and Jugs machine softballs along with wiffle baseballs and wiffle softballs There are also seven tees that can be used to really focus on the hitters mechanics.  Our facility also has a variety of protection screens that can be arranged any number of ways.

Do you want to get in some extra work on your own no problem we have an individual training facility that is 1,000 square feet and has one 35 foot cage. Our individual cage is located at 2405 Regency Place.


We opened Power Alley Batting Cage for two reasons.  First, as a youth softball and baseball coach I was constantly frustrated with not being able to find a batting cage that was open in Moore or Norman, Oklahoma which my teams could rent so I decided to open a training facility that teams could rent on an as needed basis. Second, when I started coaching it became very clear very quickly that if you were not part of an organization you were at a huge disadvantage because most of the organziations had their own private indoor training facilities.  I decided to try and level the playing field a little bit and have a facility that could be rented out to teams on an as needed basis to help them compete with the organizational teams.  

Both softball and baseball are games that require a lot of repetition of specific movements.  Breaking down those movements into progressions is the best way for young players to develop the proper mechanics.  Being able to get into a controlled indoor environment allows coaches to get the players the repetitions they need to start seeing improvements in their mechanics.  

Our Goal

Our goal is to allow youth softball and baseball players and teams the ability reach their full potential by providing a training facility that is easily accesable to allow them to improve their skills.


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